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LifeLock security for Gamers. Designed by gamers to help protect gamers' online activities.


LifeLock Security provides device security plus VPN, up to 10 devices. $499.99 first year.*
Then $399.99/yr. Pricing details below*

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LifeLock™ 360 WITH Security PLANS

Devices + online privacy + identity protection

Help block hackers from your devices, keep your online activity private and protect your identity, all-in-one. It’s never been easier.

LifeLock™ 360 PLANS

Devices + online privacy protection

Device security helps block hackers and LifeLock Secure VPN helps you keep your online activity private.

LifeLock 360 FOR GAMERS

Protection for PC gaming

Multiple layers of protection for your devices, game accounts and digital assets.

Trusted by more than 50 million customers worldwide.

LifeLock technology blocks thousands of threats every minute.

Count on decades of experience and a proven track record of keeping people safer every day.

Get the protection you and your family need in one place.

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AAA Rating from SE Lab,
Oct-Dec 2020

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